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Project Kick-Off Meeting

( 09-10/06/2023 )
Mardin during meeting______.jpeg

The Kick off meeting of the Mimosa project, we had a delightful trip to Mardin with the President of Ömerli Sports Club, Kadir Yıldız. Following the meeting, we gathered to explore the historical and cultural beauties of Mardin.

We felt as if we were in a different world, captivated by the enchanting atmosphere and historical texture of Mardin. While strolling through the narrow streets of the old town, visiting the historical houses, and admiring the famous stone craftsmanship, we witnessed the rich history and cultural heritage of Mardin.

After our excursion, we enjoyed a delicious lunch at one of Mardin's famous restaurants. We had the pleasure of experiencing the unique culinary culture of the region and indulging in local flavors. The meal was accompanied by lengthy conversations and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We believe that this memorable TPM, documented through photographs, further strengthened the sense of unity and camaraderie among the project partners (EU&PRO and EthikosKozani). Meeting Mardin's historical and cultural richness, forging new friendships, and enjoying pleasant moments left us with unforgettable memories.

We extend our gratitude to President Kadir Yıldız for joining us in the first TPM meeting and excursion of the Mimosa project. As the Mimosa project team, we will continue to strengthen our team spirit through such activities.

Mardin 1st meeting youth center out.jpeg
Mardin kick off meeting.jpeg

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